Research Scientist - Microscopist

Company Name:
Monsanto Company
Research Scientist - Microscopist for Chesterfield, MO to design & implement experiments to determine the disposition of biomolecules & quantitate levels of absorption, translocation, localization & metabolism in plants utilizing plant cell & tissue imaging, microscopy & general molecular biology techniques; correlate results to tissue levels of target DNA, RNA & protein; correlate imaging & molecular data to whole plant efficacy. Requires Ph.D. in Plant Physiology, Botany or closely related field; 5 yrs. industry research experience in plant & molecular biology using microscopy & imaging techniques, which includes working with herbicides, commercial & technical grade seed treatment actives, APHIS regulated agricultural fungal pathogens, transgenic crops and weed systems. Background must include proficiency using or performing: hyperspectral & confocal imaging; epifluorescence; sample preparation for confocal laser scanning; transmission & scanning electron microscopy; high pressure freezing; cryofixation; freeze substitution; chemical fixation; paraffin & resin embedding; microwave processing; cryomicrotomy; semi- & ultra-thin microtomy; common contrast staining procedures; laser capture micro dissection; immunolocalization; and in situ hybridization. Mail resume to Cascinda Fischbeck, Monsanto Company, 800 N. Lindbergh Blvd. E1NH, St. Louis, MO 63167.

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